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        山東凱豐源環境科技有限公司成立于2019年6月,于 2020年10月正式運營,現有辦公場所2000平,廠房6000平。 專注于精餾、廢水、廢棄等項目的技術研發、工藝設計、設備制造、指導安裝調試等服務,致力于打造一支技術先進、 經驗豐富、質量過硬、服務全面的技術和管理團隊。






        Shandong Kaifengyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2019 and officially operated in October 2020. The existing office space is 2000 square meters and the factory building is 6000 square meters. Focus on technology research and development, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning services for rectification, wastewater, waste and other projects, and is committed to building a technical and management team with advanced technology, rich experience, excellent quality, and comprehensive services.

        Since the establishment of the company, with unique technology, advanced craftsmanship, rigorous attitude and continuous innovation concept, it insists on going deep into the customer site, understanding the customer’s changing working conditions and needs, and carefully listening to customer feedback. In the chemical industry, railway locomotives , Automobiles, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, machining, electrical appliances, electronics, shipbuilding, military industry, papermaking, printing, ceramics, plastics, tobacco, technician training, food, tea factories, petroleum, mining, glass manufacturing, steel, metallurgy, power plants, etc. A large amount of experience has been accumulated in the treatment of various environmental pollution in hundreds of fields.

        Our company has dozens of industrial waste gas treatment products such as organic waste gas treatment, waste gas recovery, and organic waste gas adsorption and desorption. After years of working conditions assessment, the system runs smoothly, the treatment effect is good, and the quality is high. It has been widely praised by users. The diversified product system, strong technical support, perfect engineering team configuration and high-quality after-sales service have helped many companies to get rid of the criticism of environmental pollution, and at the same time effectively recycle waste, which not only allows customers to save energy, but also It also helps customers save investment and operating costs.

        Over the years, we have adhered to scientific and technological progress, increased investment in science and technology, and successively established friendly strategic partnerships with well-known domestic scientific research institutions and design institutes. It is composed of a group of professors with solid theoretical knowledge and senior engineers with rich practical experience in the industry. Supported by the technical team, according to market demand, we continue to introduce the old and bring forth the new.








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